WHAT: a night of worship, hosted by SAINT.
WHERE: SAINT, Hackney location.
WHEN: Tuesday 21st November, 6.30pm.
WHY: Because it’s so fun to get together like whoa. And because I want to share these new songs and this new musical energy with you and omg I’m so excited I might pass out.

OTHER THINGS: This is a live recording. I will be hosting a zoom on Nov. 10th, to full send blink blink straight up spam you with the joy of what this project seems to be, share a bit of the hopes the dreams the fears and failures that have led me to this particular moment (sure why not), how this project is part of a Big Thought, a body of work that will be evolving for the next few years, and why I still believe in, and trust more than ever before, Our Guy Jesus, with all of my tiny beating heart.