1st-3rd May 2024
Hackney, East London

Awakening Project is a network of emerging adults and leaders who are unified in a desire to see a fresh move of God. The Awakening Project is meeting in London for the first time in May 2024 for three days of worship, prayer, teaching, connecting, and fun. You will receive tools and build relationships that will equip you and support you in creating the kind of spiritual community that you long to be a part of. Partner organisations include Revive Europe, SAINT, KXC, IMPRINT, Fusion, 24-7 Prayer and more.

Why awakening?  

Awakening changes everything. When people are awakened to Jesus, they experience deep personal wholeness, churches become healthy, and love abounds in the world. Encountering Jesus causes people to wake up to his love and offer all of themselves to participate in God’s mission by cultivating communities where others can encounter Jesus.

Why the young?  

Awakenings have started among the young throughout history – on college campuses, in churches, and among friends who join together in desperate prayer for God to move. Emerging adulthood is a pivotal time in life where many decisions impact decades. Awakening Project supports young adults in formation of faith, vocation, and identity, laying a foundation for a life stewarded toward enjoying and sharing the love of God.

Why Awakening Project? 

The name Awakening Project suggests an approach toward awakening that is hands-on and collaborative. Projects involve a series of actions and reactions that move toward a desired outcome. Awakening Project takes the posture of observing what God is doing and responding in ways that make more room for God to move and awaken people to Jesus. Over time, many small moves become monumental.


Awakening Project is a fellowship of friends who support and encourage each other to not settle for less than the experience of New Testament Christianity in their everyday lives. In friendship, young leaders are inspired, encouraged, and supported to catalyze communities of encounter.

What to Expect

Awakening Project is three full days of dynamic teaching, passionate worship, and practical labs where ministry skills can be sharpened. You can expect to encounter God in community. Awakening Project also includes day-trip pilgrimages to historic sites of awakening to learn from past moves of God that can help us to position ourselves to receive fresh moves of God.

If you have any questions at this stage, please email

  • Where is Awakening Project taking place?

    Awakening Project is based in Hackney, East London, UK, hosted by SAINT. The three days will involve travel into central London.

  • Is accomodation provided?

    A limited amount of free accomodation will be made available to overseas guests on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate your accomodation preferences in the registration form. Accomodation will be provided in host homes across East London.

  • Is food provided?

    The majority of your food at Awakening Project will be provided as part of your ticket.

  • Do I need to come for the whole time?

    It is highly recommended that attendees are present for the duration of the three days, as the most impact will come from spending the maximum possible amount of time together.

  • How do I get tickets?

    Register your interest in the form above and we will get back to you.