FRI, 15 OCT 2020

We are here for the people of East London, and this October we’re celebrating Black History Month by amplifying some of the amazing voices and stories from our community. We encourage you to keep your eyes peeled, it is such a privilege to learn from these awesome men and women!

PICTURED: Savoy O’Connor

Hey Savoy, could you tell us a little bit about you?
I’m Savoy and last year I joined the youth crew after finishing my A levels. In the past year I’ve helped create content for the youth’s social media presence, aiming to build an online community that engages and communicates the ministry’s vision to the young people of our church. Since then, I’ve enrolled into Arts University Bournemouth studying Graphic Design.

Tell us about someone who’s deeply influenced your faith?
For me growing up in a Christian household has been a part of a family tradition within my culture. My parents have been a fundamental part of the development of my faith.

Amazing! What does it mean to you to be Black and Christian?
My heritage has influenced my faith through creativity and worship. The cultural significance of art and music in Jamaican history has undoubtedly been passed onto me from both my parents. The vibrancy and diverse culture it brings to church communities is what I would imagine God’s Kingdom to look like.

What’s one thing that you’d like people to know about Black History Month?
Mind if I answer with a quote? “Black History Month 2020 is a time for people to come together and hopefully learn lessons for the present and the future. It’s a time to honour the commitment to learning and standing united against racism. It’s a time to reclaim history and re-imagine how our shared history will be told in the future.” Catherine Ross