TUES, 08 SEPT 2020

Dedicated to St Leonard, patron saint of those deprived of their freedom whether physically or mentally as well as those of the prison community, worship has been conducted on the site of Shoreditch Church for many centuries.

Designed in 1741 by the architect George Dance the Elder, the present Shoreditch Church has long stood prominently at the heart of its community, for centuries being the tallest building for miles around, topped by the famous Shoreditch Bells. It is known as the ‘Actor’s Church’ because of the area’s great significance in the early development of English theatre.

PICTURED: Toby Thomas and Al Gordon Outside St Leonard’s Church

Now sitting at the heart of London’s creative economy, Shoreditch Church is playing its part in bringing life and hope to one of the city’s most dynamic and exciting neighbourhoods.

Shoreditch Church and Hackney Church began an exciting new partnership in September 2020. Along with services beginning this autumn, also look out for Lighthouse, Hey Baby, Kids and Youth Work, and more!

PICTURED: Inside St Leonard’s Church