SUN, 27 DEC 2020

Join us this Sunday, 27th December from 10AM to 1PM for a Premier Radio Special, featuring news, prayers, worship and encouragement from across the life of Hackney Church on the station’s flagship ‘Worship at Home’ show.

With no in person or online services this Sunday, make sure you don’t miss it. Listen via DAB Radio, Freeview or online at PREMIERCHRISTIANRADIO.COM.

Timings for the show can be found below.

10:18 – Al Gordon Part 1: Coming to Faith⁠

11:18 – Al Gordon Part 2: Growth of HTB⁠

11:27 – Sunday Prayers from Hackney Church⁠

11:35 – Interview with Samuel & Sharbelina⁠

12:18 – Al Gordon Part 3: Hackney Church starts⁠

12:28 – Al Gordon Part 4: Cathedral of Creativity⁠

12:39 – Al Gordon Part 5: Why we keep Bees⁠

12:47 – Overflow: Live from Hackney Church feat. Caz⁠