An installation by Es Devlin


We’re excited to have launched two new skies launching at Renaissance 2022. Changing between a sky over Hackney, East London paired with a sky over Kyiv, Ukraine, and again, the Hackney sky is paired with a sky over Egypt, the host of COP27 climate talks.



We all live under the same sky. Yet we each see different things.

Shared Sky gathers footage of the sky from different locations around the world – locations that experience divergent climactic, social and political conditions – on two opposing LED screens. By placing one sky above the other in a collection of pairs, the work seeks to foster dialogue and debate around a series of global issues. It is an invitation to reflect on the experiences of different people, in different places, at different times.

The sky is near and far, above us and below us, everywhere and nowhere – and even though it unites us, it has the capacity to alert us to those things that, for better and for worse, separate us too.


This work is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY-NC) Licence. Please attribute as: “Hackney Church Digital Archive (2019) by St John at Hackney Church, supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, licensed under CC-BY-NC”