SAT, 20 JUNE 2020

PICTURED: Toby Thomas

The Bishop of Stepney has announced today an exciting new chapter for St Leonard’s Shoreditch. We have partnered with Shoreditch Church to create an exciting new hub for outreach in this vibrant East London neighbourhood.⁠

Together we will look to deliver a ten-year regeneration plan for the parish and see a thriving Shoreditch Church serving as a beacon of hope to those around it. The building will also be restored to its former glory and opened up as a key cultural centre and place of creativity.⁠

The team includes Naomi Maxwell, Toby Thomas and Shawn Woods. We are so proud of this young team of great people who have responded to God’s call on their lives.⁠

Do be praying for this exciting new venture and to stay up to date with this partnership, please email⁠