A reminder of home for those who travelled from the Caribbean, leaving their luscious land… once gardened for yams, callaloo, chocho, scotch bonnet & corn; of mangos & june plums- of bright yellow, fiery red & regal purple flower borders, luscious green hills and sunshine shores. Now in this new cloudy Island, the MotherLand, we plant new borders, we reminisce, we make new memories & embrace our new communities.

We held a conversation capturing the memories of those from, as well as the children and grandchildren of the Windrush generation. Stories were shared on how gardening in the Caribbean brought with it deep and fond memories that live on in practice today. 

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YVONNE – “The love of gardening started with my mum, I started gardening with her when I was a child, I helped her to get the ground ready for her vegetables. She would always say not to water the plants on an empty stomach!”

ELAN – “We always did corn, tomatoes, courgette or marrow (depending on how big we’d let it grow!)  – Grandma would sprinkle the seed and in a couple of days I would come back and there would be a pumpkin seed next to a tomato and then some callaloo, that’s just the way she would do it.”